Yaz Pistachio (yaz327) wrote in pave_the_planet,
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So, what the heck are we gonna do? What should the priorities of a group interested in making a radical change in the direction of humanity be? Post your ideas here... I'll post some myself in the next few days.

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Ok, I made a joke about the Comintern in my last post, but in truth the idea of removing national religious and so on is very similar to the goals of uniting the worlds proletariat. Obviously as none of us are in the proletariat we are motivated to find something different to ally on, seemingly gaiaism or some sort of one-world thesis. Nothing wrong with that, but the basis of all revolution is 'want'. Those who have not are more willing to change than those who have. There is little room for a lever in the bourgeousie. I am playing devil's advocate of course, but I think radical implies violent.

I think we need to think like Go. In Go every move stays on the board until it is essentially irrelevant (captured, unable to provide influence, surrounded by other moves). You cannot move a piece once it is on the board, merely abandon it. Each move you make either defends a key piece of your own, or is attempt to place a key piece where it will make the most impact, or to place a key piece where your opponent's piece would make the most impact. So in Go what is important is finding those key spots and focusing energy on them. Knowing where your oponent wants to move, and selecting the best spot despite appearances of loss. Thats long term planning in a nutshell.

So we should try to map out the board, see what moves have been made, and where the next important move is and simply focus there. Essentially find the place where our energy will bring about the most change, and then find the next point, and so on.

I think this is in some ways how the conservative movement has grown stronger. The liberals are so wide and he conservatives can stake out the ley nodes.

Im gonna toss out some of my ideas. Some are political and some personal.
Tie economic treaties to basic set of labor rights.
Everyone should have the right to move taking substantial amounts of their assets.
R&D into disruptive technologies (solar powered airconditioners maybe?)

Education: This is where I think we have a strange problem. All liberals believe in education as a way to resolve societal problems. Conservatives believe in rules. Because Public Education is a compromise it creates an environment of lowest common denominator. I think focusing on literacy in general and not worrying about school might be the best way to deal with this.
Take trains rather than drive or plane.
Volunteer in the parks.
Create and promote cottage industries. Provide small business support for at home work. Promote telecommuting
Promote solar power
Get a big house somewhere economically depressed and build a clean industrial/commercial/residential campus with full facilities and mass transit to major city. Make it in the shape of a pyramid;0