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The Church of Science

Pastor Ted went to Colorado with a vision. This vision brought God to the masses like it's never been done before. Hundreds of thousands flocked to him because it was something they wanted to hear, packaged in a modern, flashy way.

It is time for the antithesis of New Life. It is time for the Church of Science -- a tribute to reason and reality.

The "church", however, cannot be called such. Nor can any of its teachings be distributed in a condescending way (no matter how tempting).

What is needed is a reasoned but fun way to reach kids and adults alike teaching about not just the origins, but the makeup of the world.

We will produce a series of multimedia experiences showing just how cool the makeup of the universe really is. We can take existing papers and just make them fun, to attract people to this side of the pendulum.

In addition, we can provide products to fund the project. I am starting to design a poster showing an object in all levels of magnification, from original, to molecular, to atomic, to quarks, and finally strings -- with corresponding tables and explanations along the way. It would be great for bedrooms and classrooms alike.

How many times a day do you see someone with a big ol' gold cross around their necks? Why not create a gold jewelry line based on atoms, quarks, or strings? (Or even FSM.)

Most importantly, remember -- we are always teaching by example. Showing constructively the way of the real world is far more effective than bad-mouthing others.

I don't think each of us helping out in our spare time will be enough. I'd like to form an actual company to do it. Perhaps funded by the NSF. Does anyone know anybody over there?

This can be done, it can be fun, it can educate the masses, and eventually, we can make it our vocation. What do you think?
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