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Long... bitch you did me sooooo wrong.... i don't want go on.... living in this world without you....

And that my friends is Eminem's very open ended comment on the conflict of dependence and fear. For example, most of us love nature and are terrified of nature at the same time. We hate government's intrusion into our world but when things go wrong we expect someone to come help. We love all our gadgets and hate the source of power that drives all our toys.

Independence is not just a matter of freeing yourself from other people's influence. It is a matter of deciding that despite all the positive things that come from depending on something, that it is better to give up those things if in return we gain some thing else.

I am interested to see how you all envision multigenerational change that can be guided. I mean... Foundation anyone?

How concrete are you here? Is there something that you legitimately envision as an end product? Can you define it? Obviously preparing humanity for the next stage in their evolution is vague. Thats like saying, packing for a trip to an unknown destination. Bring your golashes.
Perhaps it would be better to select some 'problems' and 'goals'...

Anyway... i am interested in seeing where you are going with this....
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